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LSAT Prep and Me

27 Jan

I’m a little strapped for cash at the moment, being unemployed and all, but just about every source I’ve exhausted on the interblag has recommended the Powerscore books to me for my LSAT prep. They have a strong reputation for being the most detailed, most comprehensive and most helpful teaching aids you can get outside of dropping a grand for a prep class.

Thus, I hit up the ol’ amazon dot com and got myself a copy of this:

It arrived yesterday, and since then I’ve been¬†systematically¬†poking it with a stick (i.e my trusty highlighter) and taking frantic notes in the hopes of absorbing the information.

And it’s a LOT of information.

The Logic Games section is hard enough to grok as it is, and the Powerscore notation methods for diagramming puzzles is designed to timesave and ease the process of deciphering the games and questions.

But damn is it hard to keep track of everything.

I have a good four months to go before my first possible LSAT date. If I’m not where I want to be on practice tests, I can definitely postpone until September/October times. That’s the goal folks, 170+ or bust.

Ah, the maddening road to Law School. It is fraught with standardized testing, applications, essays and the dire need for finances.

Here’s hoping tomorrow i”ll take another crack at ’em and this business won’t all be so overwhelming.

That along with writing, scripting, designing a blog for Jeff and some art fun should fill up my tomorrow. Hopefully I won’t have exploded from filling my head with logic notation by then.


I am a Geek

25 Jan

How do I know that going into Intellectual Property Law is something I can really get passionate about?

I just read through all of this. As found on this blog (which is awesome. I wanna be that guy when I grow up).

For fun.

Though when you really get down to it, it’s a fascinating study of what constitutes a violent game, and the idea of video games as art and cultural touchstones. It covers specific games, including Bioshock, which is one of my favourites. This is the future of free speech law folks.

Hm. Maybe I should go into Constitutional Law too. Or instead.

Guess we’ll see.

I’ll be over here, being a nerd and looking up more legal briefs concerning the gaming industry.

Things I Regret About My Time in Undergraduate College

23 Jan

– Not learning a useful foreign language, like Spanish.

– Spending all my free time sleeping and going out for drinks instead of joining useful college organizations, like the honors society or a club or something.

– Not sticking with the Poli Sci minor or major. That would have been useful too.

– Not realizing my law school aspirations. If I’d figured that out a year ago, I’d be sitting here waiting for acceptance letters for the fall instead of barely started down the road.

– I would have applied for better jobs before November.

– Gone to a couple of career fairs to get my name out there.

– not Retaking Oceanography so I wouldn’t have that one D on my transcript.

– Not volunteering.

– Not putting more thought towards what’s coming next.

– not finishing my novel.

– not finding a cheaper place to live.

– Dropping out of the honors program.

– Not studying abroad at Oxford my Freshman year

– Bad boy decisions.

– More bad boy decisions. That definitely counts for more than one regret.

– Not saving more money after graduation as a buffer.


There you go kids. Wanna have a decent time after you graduate? Don’t be me. If nothing else, I count as a quality cautionary tale.

Stay in school kids. Or if not, don’t get a liberal arts degree. They’re more useful as placemats these days.

*cheesy thumbs up*

Now excuse me, I”ll be over here drowning my sorrows and waiting for potential employers to call me back.


Where I’m Going in 2011

14 Jan

I am a speck in the universe.

I am a tiny, insignificant organism surrounded by billions of other tiny, insignificant organisms and I cannot make a difference.

I live in a country where most of the things I’m bothered by (gun control, gay rights, stupid people) are so ingrained in society that the changing of them is nigh impossible. Even if I spend a decade digging through the mire that is a political science degree, public office and consultancy, I still stand a very high chance of making absolute zero waves in the American Policy Forum.

These facts are what made me an English major four and a half years ago when I bounced my idealist butt onto campus, looking to make changes and be the difference. These facts are what made me turn away from Political Science, slowly at first and then at a very fast run.

Don’t get me wrong folks, writing is my first love. Creating something from nothing is what gets my sorry ass out of bed every morning. Writing and sharing stories with all you faceless internet doods is that great accomplishment on the horizon I hope to look back on with satisfaction in my old age.

I’ve also had other aspirations. A strange and uncomfortable burning desire to change the world, as it’s been rather dissatisfying to me over the course of my 23 years of life. I am in fact an idealist, the idealism is just buried under multiple layers of cynicism, bile and alcoholism. I’m cynical about the world because, let’s face it, in trying to change it you either end up dead, ignored or a bit of an obnoxious ponce (sorry Bono, I lost all respect for you the moment I saw you in that Jeans ad in Vanity Fair. Designer jeans will NOT help save the planet).

Thus, I turned away from political forums. From pre-law. From extracurriculars. I focused on my own mini microcosm for a while.

Cut to now. I’m about to be unemployed, and I have few real job prospects. I’m looking at freelancing, but I’m also feeling a sick and sad attachment to my academic career of yore.

Yes, universe, this is me eating my words. I miss school.

I’ve dabbled in ideas for post-graduate careers (Besides being a writer of course. That’s going to happen no matter what I do). I’ve considered being a librarian. I’ve dismissed teaching on the grounds that I’d probably make too many students cry. I’ve allowed my mind to wander back to those days when I wandered around, eyes shining, listening to Bob Dylan while reading Thoreau and wanting to run up and shake things around in the American political system.

I’ve also been following this supreme court case fairly well, especially for a gamer. Most of us are the oblivious type, preferring to run around in our imaginary worlds than get involved. While I’m still a bit of a newb to the gaming community, I’m definitely passionate about it. I have a Steam Account. An XBox Live Gold account. I have a gamerscore and really jankety-looking avatar. I have a gaming laptop designed to run Starcraft II on best possible graphics. I’ve been playing Tetris since I was ten. I have a love and a passion for new media storytelling.

I also have an enthusiasm for the law. It doesn’t just stem from years of watching episodes of Law and Order: SVU over and over, it’s that desire to make waves in the world, to prod this system until it gives and changes are made.

And there are a lot of changes to be made.

But what about the areas of society that are only just now becoming policed? What about violent videogame controversies? What about the internet? What about copyright law has changed? What constitutes plagiarism? Who defends the webcomic artist on the internet when some asshole steals his art for profit and gives him no credit?

Smaller battles than overturning the ban on gay marriage, sure, but things I’m passionate about.

So this is my plan, at least for now. My idea, my vague goal, my day job choice:

I want to go to law school and study Intellectual Property. I’m going to spend the next year obsessively preparing for the LSAT, take it in June (and again in October if I have to), and apply to go study at various institutions in this country. I’m going to track down a job that doesn’t suck out my soul and save up money. I’m going to finish that novel and start it on the great publishing circuit. And I’m going to go to law school in the fall of 2012.

Then I’m going to do whatever it takes to break into the fields I want to. I’m going to take these new laws and poke them until they stand true to gamers and internet geeks across the board. Because I love this big, semi-incestuous family I’ve found on the web. They deserve a voice in their legal rights and abilities just like anyone else. Even the furries. Even the people with more unusual habits than furries.

So that’s where I’m headed in 2011. I think I’m going to go insane.

But let’s face it; I’m a writer. I went insane long ago without any help from the idea of law school.

So them’s the facts, internet. There’s my path, rocky and littered with the corpses of idealists gone before me. Get me a sharp stick and a good pair of boots. I’m good to go.

A Letter to my Novel

8 Jan

Dear Novel,

I’m writing this letter to tell you how sorry I am for neglecting you during this first week of the new year. And by neglected I mean I’ve literally ignored your existence to the point of not even transferring you over to my new laptop.

I’ve neglected you for one reason and one reason only, and that is that my job has taken my free time and turned it into a screaming pile of exhaustion. After getting off of a six hour shift at my cook job my brain has disintegrated into a pile of goo capable of nothing more than taking the hottest shower known to man and shoveling a microwave burrito into my mouth while watching TV, going ‘durr’ before I collapse into an exhausted sleep.

As well as this, my new job has also induced crippling depression, spontaneous bouts of crying, my RSI flaring up to the point that I can barely keep my hands on the steering wheel at 10 and 2 when I’m driving, similar pains in my legs and feet, and the stench of fryer grease to permeate my entire being.

Let me put it this way: you know you’re in the wrong profession when the thought of working a 5 hour shift at a cook job makes you want to throw up, but sitting in Barnes and Noble for an hour and a half reading LSAT study guides gives you not only a sense of calm, but anticipation.

That’s right novel, I’m quitting my cook job. My last day is the 15th. I’m excited too. Not only that but I’m hunting down something less physically damaging to my health and psyche so that I’ll be able to focus on you in my free time.

Especially since I have a deadline now.

That’s right, I’m going to law school.

What’s that? You’ve never pegged me for the lawyering type? That’s because I”m probably not, in the traditional sense anyway. That said, I have a passion for politics and law that I speak of rarely, I love a good argument, and I have a burning desire to continue my education. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, and while I can definitely use it to adequately finish and publish you, dear novel, and many brothers you could have, I can also use this to make the world a better place.

For the curious, I’m interested in going into Intellectual Property law, and would love to work for the videogame industry. I hope to spend the next year doing research, practicing and taking the LSAT, and sending in applications to enroll in the fall of 2012. Crazy? Maybe. But I have the drive to make a difference in new media, especially videogames and the internet, two things that are only just now coming up as needing major legal overhauls.

But fear not, dear novel. This will not prevent me from finishing you! It means I have a deadline! I must have you finished, edited and flung at publishers before I go to law school! That’s a year and a half of time I can devote to you.

So there you have it. I’m sorry for neglecting you so. That will all change starting a week from now.

Well, just over a week. I’ll need to sleep for a day or two to recover from my last six and a half hour shift.

I’ll see you soon novel dear. You have been missed.

Now I’m gonna go watch Glee, because I’m too exhausted to work on you.

With deepest love,