I must confess: I have an unfortunate habit of starting new blogs at the same rate a regular person will put gas in their car. I enjoy the distracting procrastination device that is choosing new layouts, writing new About pages and pondering what to post about.

Thus was birthed this vile little spawn known as the Uncomfort Zone, and it’s what happens when you take a sleep-deprived art monkey and give her the internet before she’s been caffeinated. You’re welcome.

I am about to enter an uncharted territory in my life – a way of living separated from and beyond School, that beast that has controlled my life for the last sixteen years or so.

There will be adventures, documented for your amusement. There will be rambling and burbling. Exploits of day-to-day life. Photography. Art. Music. Links to webcomics and news articles. Details of my crazed goal to achieve gainful employment and begin the quests towards Making Money and writing a novel I can eventually publish.

Welcome to my post-collegiate life. Don’t worry; I’m as lost as you are.

Armadillo + art = Artmadillo

Why? Because Armadillos and Art just seem to go together.


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