NaNo Prep: Pending Insanity Mode

29 Oct

So we’re now roughly 50 hours away from NaNoWriMo kickoff, so I’m  getting myself into epic preparing for insanity mode. This is something I do every year, because it’s always better to be prepared when facing a month of abandoning all other free time to write a novel or two like a crazy person.

How am I preparing? Here’s the list:

1. Get comics straightened out 

I’m not updating Thursday’s Child during the month of November. Seems like a weird hiatus, but it will allow me to concentrate totally and completely on noveling instead of having to split my attention between two major projects. To do this I have to get three comics scanned and coloured so I have an update for the 31st (Before November) and updates prepped and ready for December so I don’t have to worry about them in a month. Thus, after I finish this up and drop in on a friend’s party I’ll be spending my evening dicking around with photoshop. Good times.

2. Wordcount: the starting point

This year I’m a nano rebel; I started writing Necromancer two weeks early. Why? I was inspired, and it was fun, and I was going a little insane at work and needed something creative to do on my lunch break. Before the 1st I need to have a definitive separation in scenes/chapters between my pre-november writing and my november writing, so as to keep an accurate word count. Thus, tonight or tomorrow I’ll be finishing up a scene so I have a clear November 1st starting point.

3. Stocking up 

I have a few sustenance requirements for NaNo: pixy stix, cookies and whiskey. I’ll be picking up all three at some point in the next two days, and setting them up at my desk within easy reaching distance. As well as this I’ll be picking up microwaveable meals and easy to cook foods like ramen so dinner won’t be as much of a distraction.

4. Printing and organizing 

I want my outline next to me in print at all times so I don’t have to muck around with switching to different documents while writing. So I have to print that, and organize all of the other things in my little story binder I set up a few weeks ago. It has maps, character information, timelines, plotlines and various derpery relevant to the stories I’m working on in this universe. Hopefully we’ll have enough paper and ink to get the outlines printed into hard copies for easy perusal.

5. Warning the world 

So hey guys, starting November first at about midnight, I’m out of commission. Assume that I’m at my keyboard typing frantically with no regard for the outside world unless I come to you. If I come to you, ask me if I’ve gotten my wordcount for the day and if I say I haven’t, chase me back to my computer with a pitchfork and don’t let me pester you until I’m done for the day. I CAN be social, but if I get behind then that’s it folks. This will happen especially during weekends since my weekdays are also full of 8 to 9 hours of working like a slave at the day jorb, so if I say I can’t hang out until I’m done writing, it’s just the way it has to be. I promise that December 1st, after I sleep a lot, will be a good day to hang out.

6. Rewards

This year my rewards for hitting wordcount goals will be videogames. I’m currently working my way through Batman: Arkham Asylum, I have Skyrim coming to me on the 11th and I bought Alice: The Madness Returns a few days ago. My life will consist of work, writing and videogames, and thus my plan is that whenever I finish my writing for the day, i’ll plop myself down in front of the TV and game to my sad little heart’s content. Nerdery is a great motivator.

7. Soundtrack

See previous post. My soundtrack has been assembled and I have a good-to-go playlist for all my writing needs. As long as I have the internet of course. >.>

8. Location, Location, Locaation 

I can’t prep my home writing space until my house guest leaves on Monday, but I know I won’t be doing all my writing at home, since distractions are far more abundant there. I have at least three coffee shops near my place of work downtown that have been welcome noveling havens in past years on my list, and I’m looking into some restaurants and cafes that have a good food supply so I can write into the late hours if necessary. I also want to attend at least a couple of write-ins just to see my fellow writing buddies in the local space and wish them luck and happiness in their novel excursions.


So I’m going to prepare for going insane now. Tonight I have a halloween party to drop in on and a bunch of comics to draw, and I should probably get that writing done. So we’ll see how it all goes. Those of you also joining in the madness, I hope your preamble is less insane but just as fun as mine.


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