Moments in Uncomfort: First Days

4 Mar

Today was my first day at the new job. I don’t expect I’ll be saying anything bad about it, but I still don’t really want to name the place in case anyone there reads this blog and freaks out even if I do nothing but say lovely things about them. I spent half the morning going over non-disclosure agreements and non-trade policies about stocks and other things I’d never even heard of, so it’s best to just say I work for a shiny corporation that does cool things.

First days are classic moments of being uncomfortable; you’re whisked around an office in a blur, meeting people whose names you will immediately go on to forget, shake sweaty palms and smile awkwardly. Paperwork will be filed, voided checks collected, you’ll be shown the breakroom, the bathrooms, your workstation, meet a few coworkers and your supervisors. It’s a mess of colors and sounds and confusions, and you’re left feeling confused and overwhelmed.

All melodrama aside, it was a really good first day. Everyone I met was really friendly, did a (mostly) good job of explaining themselves, and I didn’t just spend the first day derping around with paperwork and tours. I actually did some of the work I’m going to get paid to do for the next week. Then I’ll be rotated into another department and have to learn a whole bunch of new things and have a different schedule.  Though I have to say, setting my own schedule is pretty kickass. I may only work 28 hours a week, but I don’t come in any earlier than 11 AM, the latest I leave is 6 PM, and I don’t have to work weekends. That’s a winner in my book.

So yeah, the work. I work in the ‘comments’ section of the company, which means typing out the comments on the medical surveys we process. I spent 3 and a half hours (with a break for lunch) typing in data, mostly the names of doctors. I have discerned from this several things:

1) A majority of the American populace has atrocious handwriting.

2) They also have atrocious grammar.

3) There is a real Doctor House. I typed up that name today and felt gleeful. I didn’t check the phone number to see if it was a New Jersey area code though, so hopefully he’ll show up again.

4) People don’t understand questions, and answer them in stupid ways on surveys.

Not much more detail there, but I spent a lot of that time listening to music, because we’re allowed to do that. ❤ I started off with some Radiohead, but the new album, while awesome, makes me sleepy and serene, so I switched to the Homestuck soundtrack and then some Lady Gaga to wake me up. It worked.

The only downer is parking. Downtown is hell to park in on a good day, and parking garages are pretty pricy. I’d end up dropping a good hundred bucks a month on parking if I go for the regular rate. Not a fan of that. I’m investigating other options. Like finding monthly parking somewhere else. Or taking the bus. Or learning to teleport.

So that was day one, in a roundabout way. I’m off to a good start. My next challenge is figuring out healthy, filling lunches to take with me to the office, because if I eat bagels every day (which is tempting, since Brueggers is right around the corner), I will regret it in my wallet.

I don’t work again until Monday now, so I’m going to spend my weekend relaxing. And getting the headlight on my car replaced. And buying some new makeup, since mine is pretty old and I’ll actually be wearing it more now that I’m in a professional office environment.

How have your first days at jobs been, reader folk? Any amusing stories? Any disasters? I’d love to hear about it.


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