Little Victories

28 Jan

Today I cleaned the kitchen.

Doesn’t sound like much there on its own, but if you had set foot in this supposed hallowed place of culinary mastery a single day ago, you would have turned tail and run in horror. The stove was covered in grease, crumbs and stains, the sink piled full of dirty dishes, the floor covered in trash that had missed the can by inches.

Because I’m unemployed, I have trouble feeling useful. I fill out applications, I try to get out of the house once or twice each day, I study for the LSAT, but it’s difficult to feel accomplished without school and a job to keep me on track.

So today, I rolled up my sleeves, cranked up the music, and I cleaned.

Oh, did I clean.

The dishes, covered in leftover chinese food and sauce, were scrubbed. The pots and pans soaked for hours. The sink ran out of hot water and I nearly punched a hole through the wall. The dishwasher ran. I took a break and ate some pizza. I scrubbed, swept, mopped, picked at tiny bits of gunk with a knife when cleaner wouldn’t get them to budge. I took out at least a ton of trash.

And now?

Now, that kitchen is absolutely spotless. The floor – and the dishes – are clean enough to eat off of.

It’s not much in the way of a victory, but all things considered, I’ll take it.

Tomorrow, I’m gonna make cookies.


One Response to “Little Victories”

  1. mark January 29, 2011 at 3:04 pm #

    Congrats! I had a real problem keeping any sort of schedule while applying places and never hearing back from anywhere last fall… I definitely recommend trying to have some sort of schedule though. It helps you actually do things instead of just laying around for months on end watching DVDs you already watched a million times.

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