LSAT Prep and Me

27 Jan

I’m a little strapped for cash at the moment, being unemployed and all, but just about every source I’ve exhausted on the interblag has recommended the Powerscore books to me for my LSAT prep. They have a strong reputation for being the most detailed, most comprehensive and most helpful teaching aids you can get outside of dropping a grand for a prep class.

Thus, I hit up the ol’ amazon dot com and got myself a copy of this:

It arrived yesterday, and since then I’ve been systematically poking it with a stick (i.e my trusty highlighter) and taking frantic notes in the hopes of absorbing the information.

And it’s a LOT of information.

The Logic Games section is hard enough to grok as it is, and the Powerscore notation methods for diagramming puzzles is designed to timesave and ease the process of deciphering the games and questions.

But damn is it hard to keep track of everything.

I have a good four months to go before my first possible LSAT date. If I’m not where I want to be on practice tests, I can definitely postpone until September/October times. That’s the goal folks, 170+ or bust.

Ah, the maddening road to Law School. It is fraught with standardized testing, applications, essays and the dire need for finances.

Here’s hoping tomorrow i”ll take another crack at ’em and this business won’t all be so overwhelming.

That along with writing, scripting, designing a blog for Jeff and some art fun should fill up my tomorrow. Hopefully I won’t have exploded from filling my head with logic notation by then.


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