Lack of Regret: Things I Did Right

24 Jan

Yesterday’s post was a bit of a downer, no? Guess unemployment has made me a little on the negative side. Today is better though. Posted a new chapter over at The Bond, I dropped Jeff off on campus and got out of the house for a bit, I’ve got LSAT studying to do, I got a phone interview for a part-time position at The Home Depot, and I’m actually talking to friends online again instead of hiding like a recluse. Things seem to be looking up.

So, in light of yesterday’s regrets, today is a post about things I don’t regret about college and those four-ish years of education, both in and out of the classroom.

– San Diego Comic-Con 2009. We drove from Lincoln Nebraska to San Diego in two days for the four day comics and media extravaganza. It was long, it was cramped, the car broke down in the middle of the desert and we stayed in a house without AC, but it was worth it to meet so many kickass comic artists and see so many fantastic actors.

– Playing D&D. Yes, I’m a huge nerd. Yes, I spent my free time rolling dice and spent my money on sourcebooks. But it brought me closer to so many awesome people, it was totally worth it. That and it made me a better writer and creator of characters.

– I spent my final year of education studying my butt off. Sure, I have a couple low marks on my transcript (curse you Oceanography, curse you), but I finished college with straight A’s both my final semester and the semester before.

– I learned a lot about love. And how relationships are messy, tricky, and make you do pretty dumb stuff. I’ve learned what I can and cannot put up with in a relationship, and what it means to be treated both poorly and well by a significant other. I also figured out a bit more about my personal preferences and sexuality.

– I came to terms with my lack of religiosity. People may talk about god bringing them comfort in times of need, but I’ve never had a better time dealing with hardship when I had no god to rationalize as a punisher. Absence of God bringing you comfort indeed.

– I’ve learned to responsibly and rationally deal with alcohol and going out drinking with friends. I’ve had a few wild nights out with friends, but I never drank enough to black out, I always had a ride and I had a good time without screwing up my life. Alcohol can be fun kids, especially in the company of friends and comrades. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

– I held down two part-time jobs for two years straight. And passed all my classes. And didn’t kill anyone. Definitely a win.

– I switched my major concentration to British Literature over Creative Writing. Best decision I ever made. My Shakespeare classes were absolutely wonderful, I had kickass professors, and it turned out I had enough credits for TWO concentrations. But considering the issues I had with creative writing professors and their views of fiction, it was worth it to switch.

– I stayed in Lincoln instead of going to college on the coast. Sounds nuts, but it saved me a whole lot of money and I met some really awesome people I never would have met otherwise. Worth it all the way.

That’s a few ideas. A little positive energy for you. Hope you have a happy Monday and a decent week.


One Response to “Lack of Regret: Things I Did Right”

  1. steviree January 24, 2011 at 11:09 pm #

    You should try getting on as a service coordinator at KVC. Ask Logan about the process. Fairly decent pay and a chance to help people out.

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