On Unemployment

19 Jan

It’s Wednesday, putting me at day four of unemployment. So far I have accomplished little, but that’s more due to coming down with a lung nose head plague of doom and destruction. On the plus side, I’ve found other ways to keep myself sane and not buckling under the semi-crushing fear of being utterly broke and jobless.

I started watching 30 Rock yesterday, and am now six episodes into season two. For those of you who are at all familiar with this show, I need to inform you all that I am going to become Liz Lemon some time in the next ten years.


It’s gonna happen.


I mentioned this to my boyfriend and all he did was give me a sheepish grin and say “well, I really wasn’t going to say anything… but if it makes you feel better, she’s pretty hot.”

And he’s right. There are worse TV personalities to be doomed to become.

I’ve done a little work between bouts of sneezing. I wrote the first two scenes in my planned serial novel, which I hope to start posting on Friday. I studied some LSAT prep. I’m knitting scarves again.

Apparently unemployment is soon to be synonymous with ‘creepy old lady’. At least I don’t have any cats.

Yet. There were some adorable kittens I saw at Pet Smart yesterday when I went to pick up dead mice for Piglet, Jeff’s albino corn snake. Some day I hope to give those adorable little balls of fur and mayhem a home. As long as they don’t sit on my face. I have a mild allergy to pet fur.

So here I am. Still jobless (yay), still occasionally trying to hack up the small bacteria colony that has made its home in my lungs. Thrilling.


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