The Shiny, the All-Consuming Shiny

3 Jan

I had elaborate plans for my day. Plans involving writing, plotting, scheming, drawing maps and commissions.

Then this arrived:

That’s right folks. Tiger Direct got my sexy new laptop here a whole day early. My beautiful new Sony Vaio VPCF 13 is here and is running like a beautiful dream.

My new laptop, featuring my foot.

I haven’t given it a name yet (because I’m lame and give my computer names. My Netbook’s name is Virgil), but I’m fairly certain it’s a she. Don’t ask me why. I can sense gender in appliances and technology items. It’s a talent. But needless to say, she is quite beautiful. And will probably end up named after a character from mythology thanks to my classics minor and the amount of Battlestar Galactica I’ve been watching.

And what’s the first thing I’m doing with her?

Why, installing Starcraft II of course!

Now excuse me, I’m going to go get my Zerg Rush on.

EDITED: As of about 8:30PM I did a little research and with the help of my friend Sam, named my laptop Freya, after the Norse Mythological Figure. She’s kind of a badass goddess of love and war like that. 🙂


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