Jeff and Lora Will Finish Their Damn Novels in 2011 Even if it Kills Them: Part 1

2 Jan

So in case you haven’t noticed, dear readers, I’m a writer. I write things, of the novely variety, and now that I’m post graduation I finally have the time to focus on the novel I’ve been working at on and off since last June.

It’s the first month of the year and I have a novel sitting on my hard drive, poking my brain with a stick saying ‘write me, bitch, write me!’

My boyfriend, Jeff, is also a writer type. He’s in a similar predicament to me – he still has a little less than a year left of school, but he’s been working on his novel for the better part of three years. Much like me, he’s determined that this year will be the year.

This is it. This is the year that we stop sniveling, stop procrastinating, stop bitching and excusing ourselves, and knuckle down and write these sumbitch stories that are eating at our brains like rabid radioactive mice. We’re going to finish what we started, because we’re writers goddamnit and that’s what we need to do.Thus, we’re starting our own mini writing motivation game. It’s a bit like NaNoWriMo, it’s a lot more flexible, it’s just an encouragment.

We’re going to write a page for every day. At least. At minimum. Maybe some days we can squeeze out more – a chapter, a scene, up that count to two or three pages. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that we write every day, or that we hold ourselves accountable when we can’t.

So, tonight, after we’re done eating pizza and watching Netflix, we’re going to sit on opposite sides of the room, put in our headphones, and write at least two pages, of an MS word document in my case, and of a lined notebook in his (different strokes for different folks – he likes handwriting, and I type faster than I write longhand). We have different projects, different methods, different ideas.

But we’re writers. And this is the year we’re gonna finish our damn novels. Even if it kills us.

Wish us luck. Heck, join in if you want to, we’ll welcome the company.

Here’s to 2011, the year of writing stories.


One Response to “Jeff and Lora Will Finish Their Damn Novels in 2011 Even if it Kills Them: Part 1”

  1. heideelahree January 2, 2011 at 7:04 pm #

    I love it. These things are always easier when you have support, or even a little competition. I can see it going both ways.

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