New Doors Open

17 Dec

I have a job now. I’ll be working as a cook at a bowling alley / bar. I should be getting 30 hours a week minimum, and I’ll be working nights.

That’s right, I’m back to the glamor and prestige of being a fry cook. My family must be so proud of me.

Starting tomorrow, at around noon, I’ll be a college graduate. People will start breathing down my neck asking me about my future, where I’m going, what I’m doing. They’ll even start asking me when I’m going to find myself a career.

And for the most part I’ll just tell them that they aren’t going to like my answer.

‘Writer’ isn’t the clear-cut career most people aim for in their lives. It’s what I’ve wanted since before I can remember, and here I am, able to get to it, able to devote my time to it. Have a job that doesn’t have work I have to take home with me. Enough time to sleep.

This is it. I’m playing with the big boys in the big bad world.

New job starts Sunday at noon.

Career? Starts now.

And if anyone doesn’t like that? I invite them to suck it. We’re on my time now.


One Response to “New Doors Open”

  1. misanthropicverbiage December 20, 2010 at 11:15 pm #

    Best. Last. Line. EVAR.

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