On Rejection

16 Dec

Today I found out that the super sweet, awesome-with-benefits job I interviewed for a couple weeks ago decided they were looking for someone else.

To say this is a massive bummer is an understatement.

Guess I’m only cut out for two things: Burger-flipping and graduate school.

We’ll go with option A first (for serious, I have a job lined up as a fry-cook at a local bowling alley). Then maybe B. But the real objective is option W. Which is, of course, to write.

Now excuse me, I’m going to work another hour and a half, then drink a lot of vodka and curse drunkenly at Big Sisters while I play Bioshock 2.

Stay in school kids. Even after you’re mega-qualified with a Bachelor’s Degree, you’re still probably gonna end up a fry cook.

At least if you’re going the liberal arts route.


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