All This Free Time: Part I

13 Dec

So I’ve recently found myself in a post-educative way (well, in everything but officiality, since I don’t get my diploma until Saturday, but I’m done with all my finals so I’m as good as). I’m not employed with a Real-World Money-Making Job just yet (waiting to hear back from a few places and applying to others with a mild feeling of panic), which means I have a rather absurd amount of free time stretching out ahead of me until I succeed in achieving employment, and even then I’ll have a lot of time on my hands between shifts at said employment place .

Thus, I am compiling lists, one of my obsessive-compulsive hobbies that crops up pretty much everywhere in my existence. So, to start off my week of blogging, I present to you all a list of videogames I am intent to play in my spare time, to catch up on all the gaming time I’ve missed since I’ve been spending it on much less enjoyable things like school and homework.

Got any recommendations? Leave a comment and I’ll get around to them. Options available to me in terms of platforms are the 360, PS3 and PC. The current list was compiled by me and my boyfriend, who has a gaming addiction that rivals the attitudes of crackheads.

Master List of Games I’m Going to Play in my Spare Time:

– Alan Wake
– Assassin’s Creed
– Bioshock 2
– Borderlands
– Crackdown
– Crysis
– Dead Rising 1 and 2
– Dragon Age
– Fable 2 and 3
– Fallout 3
– Garry’s Mod
– Half-Life 2
– Halo Reach
– Heavy Rain
– Infamous
– Left 4 Dead 2
– Limbo
– Little Big Planet
– Lost Odyssey
– Mass Effect 1 and 2
– Oblivion
– Red Dead: Redemption
– Sims 3
– Starcraft 2
– Torchlight
– Uncharted 2
– Valkyria Chronicles
– Viva Pinata

Oh, and don’t even think about suggesting World of Warcraft. You will not be received well. And by that I mean I’ll send a swarm of rabid bees after you.

I do not play MMOs. This is because I hate people, and have enough issues interacting with them in the real world to their faces. Clearly that doesn’t bode well for the land of collaborative gaming with strangers. So yeah. Don’t go there. I don’t care how awesome shiny it is. If I want to play a Blizzard game, I’ll content myself with Starcraft and Diablo II thank you very much.




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