What This Is (And What It Isn’t)

6 Dec

This blog is:

  • A home for me, the blogger, in her post-graduate state. Here I will spill forth my bile on the danger that is leaving the warm security blanket of college and detail my exploits into that more horrific of things: reality
  • A place for funny stories, embarrassing admissions and rants
  • A spot for random acts of artistry, be they written or drawn
  • About stepping out of one’s comfort zone and into places of dis or un comfort, such as receiving a diploma, paying for your own car insurance and going to job interviews
  • A zone for developing my writing skills, as this is my trade and my passion. More bile-spilling occurs here, it is just theoretically literary
  • Kittens. Also unicorns and other theoretical animalia

What this blog is not:

  • Porn
  • Horse Porn
  • Anything to do with furries
  • A soapbox (if anything it’s a tiny crate full of deodorant instead)
  • A place to wax emo (that’s what Livejournal is for)
  • A good place to find material to stalk me. If stalking is your game, again, check out my Livejournal
  • Me begging agents to look at my Shiny New Manuscript ™. For one thing, this would require me to have a manuscript that isn’t just a pile of unfortunate misery best used for kindling on a cold night
  • A place for me to reminisce. Believe me, no one’s happier college is over than I.

Right. Now that that’s out of the way, welcome to the Uncomfort Zone, a place for the dreamers of dreams, the sufferers of nightmares, the cathartic, the inappropriate, the storytellers, the folk who do not go gently into this cold and disturbing Real World. Prepare for tales of woe, of joy, of strangeness and sorrow. For odd pictures, funny faces, drabbles of fiction and hack cartoons. Buckle up kiddos, because I like to drive off the edge of the map, and you know there are gonna be monsters because Cthulhu is your frakking co-pilot, and he’s hogging the damn cheetos.

Welcome to my world. Enjoy your stay.


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